Philippe Vatan dans LE VIN LIGERIEN Juin Juillet Août 2013

Philippe VATAN - Château du Hureau - 49400 Dampierre-sur-Loire - France - Tél : (33) - Fax : (33) - Mail :
  • Our red wines from Cabernet franc cepage : Saumur Champigny Les Fevettes - Saumur Champigny Tuffe - Saumur Champigny Fours à Chaux - Saumur Champigny Lisagathe
  • Our white wine from Chenin cepage: Coteaux de Saumur - Saumur blanc
  • Our sparkling pink wine : Saumur brut rosé Rosanna
  • Our "DLF" wines: Saumur Champigny Lisagathe 2000

Lodged in the middle of the Loire Valley, the Château du Hureau winery estate offer to you its wines : Saumur Champigny, Saumur Brut, Saumur Blanc and Coteaux de Saumur, each one recognised as some of the best of their appellations. On this website, you can follow the life of the domaine, find out everything you want about the Château du Hureau wines and contact Philippe Vatan. The four different cuvees in Saumur Champigny and the Saumur Brut Rosé come from the cabernet franc grape, and the Saumur Blanc and the Coteaux de Saumur from the chenin. The alliance between cabernet franc, the limestone underground named « tuffeau » and the microclimate of Saumur brings the Saumur Champigny appellation to the first place among the redwines from the Loire, welknown for their freshness and elegance. For more than one thousand years, the Saumur area is a top place for the chenin, and its dry and sweet white wines enjoy a worldwide reputation.